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We provide highly qualified IT resources that cover a range of IT disciplines.

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Collaborative Consulting is an IT Consulting / Recruitment Company that started the business of IT consultancy and recruitment since 2006.


Since 2006 we have offered our services to the most reputable IT Organisations and Government Departments in Australia. We have provided highly qualified IT resources that covers big potion of IT disciplines; and have participated in designing and implementing most of the key IT projects at different Government Departments.

Most of our services are located in Canberra, however, we are now opening new consultancy service in Queensland; as we are heavily participating in re-engineering the IT Applications for a major IT client in Brisbane.


The Company at the moment has 19 IT Contractors at different IT projects. We can declare happily that all our resources, since we have started the business, have always proved to be successful in delivering all their assignments and participated professionally and positively in ensuring a successful conclusions of these projects.

We always work closely with our clients, as we consider them partners in studying carefully their requirements as well as their prevailing challenges; in order to ensure that we provide the most suitable solutions at the most suitable cost.