We provide highly qualified IT resources that cover a range of IT disciplines.

About Us

  • Collaborative Consulting is a Recruitment Company specialised in providing high standard professionals and competent resources to satisfy different IT disciplines.
  • Collaborative Consulting policy is to always remain professional and to demonstrate proper partnership to our clients, as we understand and believe that the success of our clients is our success. We are committed to professionally satisfy our clients prevailing requirements based on their published roles’ descriptions
  • We have established business relationships with a number of large recruitment agencies across Australia and overseas to build a wealthy database to ensure that our books will always be capable to successfully satisfy our clients’ requirements.
  • Collaborative Consulting role is not only to provide the suitable resources and then to forget about them until the contract expires. Our main strength is in our periodical follow up for Contractors’ performance and measures our clients’ satisfaction ensuring that their expectations have been met. If any gaps were ever highlighted; we usually work closely with our clients to rectify the reported deficiencies that could include, possibly, immediate replacement if it is essential.